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The PDNA is one of the primary sources of public input for city bureaus and officials as they make decisions about downtown development. The city seeks the PDNA’s input by sending staff to attend PDNA meetings, inviting PDNA representatives to serve on planning committees, and mailing notices to the Board about proposed construction. Through position statements, public testimony, and participation in citizen advisory groups, PDNA and its members weigh-in on critical decisions that shape the future of life in downtown Portland.

  • Lobbied to reduce impact of Ladd Tower on the South Park Blocks. Presented testimony at Design Commission, City Council. Wrote op-ed articles.
  • Petitioned to prevent reduction in Fareless Square service. Presented testimony at TriMet Hearings.
  • Joined coalition promoting statewide legislation to enhance renters’ rights and regulate condo conversion.
  • Advocated reinstatement of on-street parking ban along the South Park Blocks. Sent presentation to Parks & Recreation, Department of Transportation, City Council.
  • Helped negotiate Good Neighbor Agreements, including the accord that prevented eviction of Peterson’s Convenience Store. Presented testimony at City Council.
  • Worked with Development Commission to ensure that expiring Section Eight housing would be funded through the Urban Renewal Area budget. Gave presentation to Central City URA Committee.
  • Created website, wrote editorials to promote retail freeway caps as possible mechanism to reconnect Downtown with Goose Hollow across I-405.