Felicia Williams
Felicia WilliamsDNA President
Felicia Williams is an independent historian who focuses on the Civil Rights Movement in Oregon. She enjoys living and working in downtown because of the proximity to the Portland City archives, the Oregon Historical Society, the libraries, Powell’s City of Books, the Park Blocks farmers markets, food carts, and Tri-Met. She’s convinced that downtown Portland is the best place to live and is committed to keeping it that way.
Marvin Mitchell
Marvin Mitchell Vice President
Marvin Mitchell is Executive Director of the Julia West House, an outreach of First Presbyterian Church serving residents of downtown Portland. Before coming back to Portland and joining Julia West, he spent 35 years as a programmer, manager, and consultant developing IT projects for corporations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco. Marv is past President of Lift Urban Portland, a 30-year old organization helping residents of Downtown and Northwest Portland live independently. He has been President of Street Roots board; member of Operation Nightwatch board; and President of Northwest Association of Book Publishers. Marv is an Elder of First Presbyterian Church. He is active in the Downtown Public Safety Action Committee and the PDNA PSC. His passion is finding new ways to mitigate effects of urban poverty, achieve social sustainability, and improve the quality of life for everyone in Portland.
Rani Boyle
Rani Boyle Treasurer and Land Use and Transportation Chair
Rani Boyle works as an Associate Campus Planner at Portland State University, where she contributes to university planning efforts, often serving as a liaison to city agencies. Her interests include land use and transportation planning. Rani holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics, a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning, and graduate certificates in Geographic Information Systems and Real Estate Development. Rani is committed to maintaining open communication between downtown residents, downtown institutions, and public agencies, to ensure that downtown Portland continues to thrive.
Darlene Garrett
Darlene GarrettBoard Member at Large
Darlene Urban Garrett is a newcomer to Portland. She is passionate about self-sustaining communities, social justice and reveres the arts and artists. Her career as a community developer afforded her the opportunity to work with communities across the world in designing and implementing projects to reach their vision of their future. A few of the places she has done hands-on development include United States military communities in Germany; communities in Appalachia, Kansas City, Missouri; Little Rock and Hot Springs, Arkansas; Kalush, Ukraine; and Northern Californian indigenous American Indian Tribes. Through creating a vision with a community and a plan to fulfill that vision, Darlene’s work is always about transformation. Collaboration and team building, planning, resource development and project implementation are her key skill sets. She is a successful grant/proposal writer, facilitator and trainer. Darlene Urban Garrett holds a masters degree in Public Administration.
Grant Higginson
Grant HigginsonBoard Member at Large
Jon Joiner
Jon JoinerDNA Vice President
Jon Joiner has been involved in nonprofit organizing and social progressiveness for over two decades. As a founding board member of Watoto Wa Dunia (Children of the World), he has been in the forefront of alleviating a number of crisis-living situations for underprivileged children and adults both nationally and internationally. In this context, he has also been in the vanguard of furthering the sometimes elusive concept of social equality with his active participation in groups such as Oregon Racial Justice Collective, The Caribbean Cultural Association, The Goose Hollow Neighborhood Association, African Americans in Mass-Media (AIMM) and numerous other community action entities including the Oregon Multicultural Education Association. Jon is currently the Coordinator of Portland State University’s Multicultural Center and a sitting member of the university’s Diversity Action Council and other campus-wide subgroups that enhance diversity and community relations. He also currently serves as a board member of the Northwest Association of Student Affairs Professionals.
Anne O'Neill
Anne O'NeillBoard Member at Large
Anne is Leader of the Downtown Neighborhood Emergency Team and focuses on Resilience and Preparedness on the DNA Board. Moving to Portland in 2007, her first experience in an earthquake zone, sparked her curiosity and drive to understand and prepare. She meets with the many organizations, government and non-profit, already working to help bring Portland back on its feet, but emphasizes that we are dependent on our neighbors and ourselves to get us through the first few days and be productive for weeks afterwards. If you want a speaker to help your building focus on preparedness, please email resilient@portlanddowntownna.com.

Anne loves public transit and spent two years without a car. She’s a regular with downtown book, movie and painting clubs. She delivers meals on wheels with members of Portland Pearl Rotary Club. Anne gets out of the city with a geology club touring in remote parts of the state. Anne worked for 20 years with the international Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers, half of that time as Executive Director of their Society prototyping IT chips.

Steve Trujillo
Steve TrujilloBoard Member at Large, Chair of Public Safety Committee
Steve Trujillo was born in Cuba and has lived in Spain and Brazil and has traveled extensively. Hi involvement and work in downtown Portland began in the early 1990s when he started an outreach to street youth and set up transitional housing as an alternative to youth shelters. Steve, an ordained minister, and his wife Deborah founded Father’s House, a non-denominational church in the PDNA neighborhood that serves the central city. He also co-directs the Transformation Network a non-profit that seeks to give assistance and justice to the homeless and those who would be victims of human trafficking. He has been involved in the PDNA since 2004 and has served in various roles on the board as well as the association’s public safety sub-committee chair.
Erik Tucker
Erik TuckerBoard Member at Large
Erik Tucker is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Aronora, Inc., a local biotech company specializing in safer anti-thrombotic drugs. He is an Oregon native, graduating from Astoria High School, attending college at the University of Oregon (GO DUCKS!), and completing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Oregon Health and Science University. Tucker has lived in downtown Portland for over a decade and has served on the DNA Board of Directors since 2012. He is also on the Board of Directors of Sigma Xi – Columbia Willamette Chapter and an active member of the Oregon Bioscience Association.
Helmut Gieben
Helmut GiebenBoard Member at Large